Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Make a Snow Machine Easy DIY for Kids

We live where it's warm and will never have a white Christmas, or any other day of snow fall.

My kids wanted it to snow, so my son came up with a solution!

Make an Snow Machine Easy DIY for Kids

Enjoy the video of Monkey's home made snow machine:

DIY "Snow" Maker 

Make an Snow Machine Easy DIY for Kids

This easy to make, home made snow machine consists of a box with holes in it, full of cotton balls, attached to the ceiling, with a string hanging down.

When you pull the string and the box shakes, "snow" (cotton balls) will fall to the ground.

How to make a snow machine:

Shoe box
Cotton balls
packing tape

First, cut holes in lid of shoe box, enough so cotton balls will stay in, but fall out when shaken.

Tape the lid onto the box.

Tape a small string, in a loop, to the bottom of the box (for hanging). You could instead poke small holes through and tie a loop as this holds better.

Tape a long string, long enough to reach from ceiling to floor, to one side of the box. Again, you poke holes and tie the string, instead, for a stronger hold.

Fill box with cotton balls.

Attach to ceiling with strong tape, we used packing tape.

Make an Snow Machine Easy DIY for Kids

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  1. That's awesome! We live where it snows but I like this way better - it's warmer and easier to clean up than shoveling!

  2. LOL, this is hilarious, cute, simple... just a wonderful idea. I love being in Florida, but there's no snow here. This is a fun way to make up for that. :p

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging


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