Saturday, February 9, 2013

What do Cats and Reading have in Common?

Been quiet around here, I know. So what in the world have I been doing?! Working on a new blog about my hilarious cats, of course! They are too entertaining not to share!

I had been saving funny pics of them to post a sequel to "My Cat's Sleep in the Weirdest Places", but never got around to it. Therefore, I ended up with so many, I could fill a whole blog with just my cats! And I've been told more than once that these two crazy rascals are blog worthy, they're always getting into trouble and causing me grief, so I finally did it! They have a blog all their own!

They're sure to bring you a laugh even if you're not a cat lover, so check out the new blog:

Sandy Toes Creations: Meet Rascal and Rocco, funny crazy cat blog!

Other than getting that going, I volunteered to teach an ongoing early literature class at the D.L.C. for around K-1st grade level. I will read a children's book, then do fun activities having to do with the story for comprehension, basic reading, writing, math, and even some science, art, and life skills (Wow, all that?! Aren't you impressed?!). With more emphasis on a different one (or two, or three) of those each week, depending on the story.

Sandy Toes Creations: Learning to Read activitiesWe've been working on the 3 R's more at home with Monkey, but it's so much more fun to do with friends! My first class was this week and it went great! It was small, but I expected that, being the first class and with so little notice. I announced it only a few days before starting and had to quickly scrounge for materials! I looked through some lesson planning books that had kids books and activities all written out for me, but they were just too basic; pre-school material. So, like everything else, I had to do it the hard way, starting from scratch and paving my own way to satisfy my high standards. Why do I always do that to myself?
Sandy Toes Creations: Educational Projects for Kids 
I brought cookies (can't go wrong there, right?!) to do math with and made it so parents could tailor it to their child's level, making it easier or harder. We did addition, division, and even multiplication and fractions. I'll post more about the story and materials, but everyone had fun and I had good feedback from all the parents there

I will be posting about each class with the books, activities, and materials, so if you're looking for this type of unit study, it'll all be here for you to use!

Also, Monkey, Boo, and I have been trying out some great educational projects I found on Pinterest. So, stay tuned for a series on the one's we love!


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