Monday, January 28, 2013

Sticking with resolutions

Sandy Toes Creations: Sticking with Resolutions

Lots of hard work this month for everyone! But, our schedule has been working wonderfully! I have felt so much more relaxed! I'm working hard to keep my resolutions this year. And I don't usually make new year's resolutions; specifically so I don't have to feel like a failure for not keeping them! I think the most helpful changes have been:

Less T.V. in the morning (I have not completely expelled it in the am).

Getting to work earlier on some core subjects so the rest of the day I can relax (figuratively speaking), knowing we've got some good learning in already.

Getting up earlier to do a few things myself before the kids are demanding breakfast! Also, I'm more awake to get them started on their activities.

Sandy Toes Creations: Sticking With Resolutions
I make a mean fried chicken!
Having a meal plan again, so I know what I'm making each day and am not staring into cupboards wondering what the heck I'm doing (as much). Yes, I have been cooking dinner almost every day! We're spending less on take-out and eating healthier. Yay!

But the very best thing for my stress relief has been documenting what Monkey is learning and activities he's doing as he does them, or shortly after. Before I forget about it! Which is only about a 3-10 minute window!

Our last meeting with our Education Specialist was a breeze! I had a list of all the the field trips we did and everything from building with Lego's, to online math games, to baking cookies, written down in one place and ready to go!

I have not even been very strict about the schedule. We have never completed everything on the "outline of what we would like a day at home to look like" I wrote out with Monkey's help in my last post. We're out on field trips or in classes most days, but I've been trying to keep our mornings routine. Our day's have more or less been: eat breakfast, do the devotional when I'm actually sitting at the table with them (mostly I'm not, so I will be working on this one!), work on something (anything having to do with reading, writing, or math), then go off to do something active. Then, when Boo is down for her nap, Monkey and I have some focused time together; a board game, writing pen pal letters (I did find him some pen pals!), online learning games (he likes when I sit with him), reading books on his current unit study, or anything where I feel he's learning and working. We try to use the time on things we just can't do when Boo is up and getting into everything. 

It's been hard work for me to stay on track, but it's really paying off. I hope I can keep it up!

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