Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quickest way to melt a mom's heart!

Sandy Toes Creations: Quickest Way to Melt a Mom's Heart

I had to share three things my son said to me since last night that made me melt like butter!

"Mom, your hair is softer than a cloud", he said last night as he smoothed my hair out over his pillow and laid on it before falling asleep.

This morning before school, "You're my favorite person in the world, so I just don't want to leave you."

Right after that I gave him a big hug and I said, "I'll take your hug and keep it safe with me all day." Hugging me back tightly, he replied, "And when I get home you can give it back again." And gave me an award winning smile with eyes full of love!

I love this boy! Can he stay five and so sweet forever? He can sure drive me crazy, but he knows better than anyone how to bring happy tears to my eyes and feel absolutely wonderful! What are some of the best things your kids have said to you?


  1. Seriously those are the cutest and most heart melting words from your son.

    The best thing my 20 month old son has said {to date} has been his 'I wuv you' and maybe hearing him calling out mommy in the morning when he wakes up. Doesn't get old waking up to the sound of that :)

    New follower from Bloggy Moms.

    1. "I love you" Never gets old! I can never hear it too much! The morning wake up call does, though! But I do remember loving it at first. ;) Thanks for commenting! Heading over to your blog.


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