Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Right after blogging about my son's beautiful hair, he decides it's time to cut it! Waaa! He didn't like being mistaken for a girl at summer camp. The kids were not teasing him, but some kept mistaking him for a girl. I had a talk with him to make sure it was what he really wanted rather than because it's what he thought others wanted him to do. This is him with short hair. Still so handsome! But I do miss running my fingers through his long curls!

Also, I french braided my hair the other day and my daughter wanted hers done, too. She threw a total fit after I tried to convince her that her hair wasn't yet long enough for one! Again, she proves me wrong! I got it wet and could just barely get it into a braid. I had to hold it really tight and she sat so still it was scary! It ended up on the side of her head, but hey, I did it and she was thrilled! It held up for a couple hours, too.

Such a girly girl!


  1. Will you teach me to french braid? Maybe at a future meetup?

    1. Yes, be happy to. Guess how I learned? tried on Barbies, but too slick. Troll hair! It stuck even if you let go. All my troll dolls had tiny little braids


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