Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Camp 2, SO FUN!

Such a great week in Art Camp 2! I had even more kids this time, but it went smoother than the first week. This week had the theme "faces". We made some amazing masks, self portraits, portraits of friends, and even threw in tie dye just for fun! We also had a nature art day, where we made hedgehogs with pine cones and clay and owl masks with nut shells and leaves. The kids learned to draw a face with the attention to proportions and got to play with all kinds of materials and media. They experimented with mixing colors, shading, and learned some common art terms and styles. Most of all they had fun and got creative!

I especially loved the impressionistic self portraits to see how the kids viewed themselves. There was so much laughter and joy in this class! I will treasure the memories, the cards they made me, all the smiles, and the gifts some of my students gave me, for all time!

impressionist self portraits
owl mask
Nature art day, pine cone hedgehog

nature art

clay mask, wish I had gotten a pic after it was painted!

plaster masks, again I wish I had gotten a pic when they were finished. They were decorated with feathers, sequins, beads, and more!

practice drawing faces

My amazing artists!

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