Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who's idea was this?!

My 8th wedding anniversary is today and though we planned no big thing, my husband did good! He came home with a bunch of gorgeous roses & box of Sees candies!  A huge step up from barely remembering a card last year and nothing at all the previous two years. Ya, he's big on romance (major sarcasm).

Since we're big on family, we decided we'd rather go to dinner with the kids and enjoy our two beautiful results of wedlock rather than leave them with someone and go on our own. We chose a Hawaiian place downtown as something out of our usual and fun for the kids to see the tiki decorations. Sounded like a good plan and started out picture perfect!

Maybe it was all because my wine was forgotten until the end when I gulped it down just to make it through the rest of the meal! I don't know, but one little angel kept kicking the table and sliding under it. The other refused to sit at all and proceeded to jump on the bench seat which was shared with other patrons (who didn't stay long for some reason) and yell at the top of her voice for her brother to give up all his fries! I won't go into every detail but you get the picture of my nice relaxing anniversary dinner. Who's insane idea was this and where is the freaking nanny?! I need to fire her! Oh ya, that's me.


  1. Isn't parenthood grand?! Should have taken me up on the offer of Grandma babysitting. Love you. Let me know when you want to go out on a "real date."

  2. lol. Oh, you gotta love dining out with kids! There's truly nothing like it. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! 8 years! That's awesome!

    1. nothing like it! That's for sure! Thank you! And thanks for commenting!


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