Friday, June 15, 2012

Naps are Definitely still needed!

Not that I thought otherwise, but now I know for sure, naps are definitely still needed! My precious baby girl didn't get one yesterday and by 4pm, she was perfectly happy. Yep, you heard right, a smiling little angel, as long as she got her way! But God forbid anything not go exactly the way she wanted! She was completely falling apart over every little thing! By bedtime she was a mess! I mean total meltdown, screaming, crying, stomping feet, giant crocodile tears... the whole shebang, all because I moved the stool for her to climb onto the potty when apparently I should have let her do it herself. When it didn't stop and everything I did just made it worse, I started laughing! Sorry if I sound like a horribly uncaring mother, but it was rather hilarious and what else could I do by that point? She finally calmed herself down, but it was a struggle to get her to go to sleep. She was so overly tired that she couldn't let herself relax and wanted her blanket on, then off, then a different one, and on and on. She did finally fall asleep and I marveled at how sweet and peaceful she suddenly was! Was this the same child I had just wanted to bang over the head?! How could I have been frustrated with this perfect little darling?!

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  1. Another day in the life. Love your stories Leah!


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