Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Appreciating the Great Things in Life

Now that I've caught you up on those oh so important current events (see previous posts today) I have been reflecting on what an amazing thing it was that I was able to throw a great party this weekend for my baby girl. Warning, get ready for sappiness!

I had to stop and just really appreciate life today. I have such an awesome one! I am so in love with every person in it and every moment I am blessed with right now. I don't want to miss a second! I have not always felt that way, that is for sure!

Even those that think they know me pretty well may not know that in my teens and 20's I majorly struggled with depression. I was not sure from day to day how long I could stand living in this world. I don't want to dig deeper into that right now, but after a very long healing process, with the help of some great counselors, and hard work on forgiveness, mostly of myself, I am a different person today.

More recently, my husband was off work for three months this last winter with a crippling mystery pain in his abdomen.  He was in excruciating pain whenever he bent or sat, the only comfortable position for him was lying down. Not great for a delivery driver. 

Sandy Toes Creations- Appreciating the Great Things in LifeHe went through every test, scan, you name it, they could think of, but could find nothing out of the ordinary. It was a very scary time, hard on the kids because he couldn't play. Hard on finances, too, and though we made it as happy as we could, it was a very rough Christmas.

Finally, after switching docs and trying a different combo of meds, the pain miraculously went away! It has not come back! I believe it may have been a hernia they couldn't see with scans because it only came out when he was sitting. But we'll never know for sure.

With all those appointments with specialists, tests and scans, came thousands of dollars of bills, but we were so happy to have him back to enjoying life again we really didn't stress too much. Plus we had help from our wonderful church, friends, and family with food & more. We made it through.

We're still trying catch up, but to go from that dark time of pain and uncertainty, not knowing if he'd be well again, if he'd be able to work again, if we could keep our home, to this happy weekend of carnivals and birthday parties, being able to feed our friends and family so they could celebrate with us, not having to stress over how we could possibly buy a present for the beautiful little girl we just want to spoil rotten... It is amazing! 

I am in awe how our lives have turned around and how so many, even people we did not know, came to our aid when we were so in need! I thank God everyday for giving me this wonderful life!


  1. Glad it reached an appreciative ear, or eyes, or whatever! ;) It's hard to open up publicly, but I'm slowly getting more comfortable and feedback really helps! so thank you!


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