Saturday, May 19, 2012

Date night with Me!

I had exciting plans to go out, a very rare occurrence for this mom, last night with my husband and my mom to see the premier of Santa Cruz'n at the Santa Cruz film festival at Del Mar Theater, The kids would be at their other grandma's and I had visions of leaving early enough to go to dinner at Kianti's with my hubby before meeting up with my mom. My mom ended up having to work that night so she couldn't go. No problem, it would be more of a date night! I got the kids and myself ready to go, I looked pretty nice if I do say so myself! Then I and waited, and waited, fed the kids dinner, and waited some more...

After working since 5am, my husband finally came home, looking bedraggled and exhausted! I knew this movie wasn't his sort of thing, but I really wanted to see it since a friend of mine made it and some old friends would be there I wanted to say hello to. And I knew my husband had to get up early yet again the very next morning and neither of us had slept much in the last three nights due to my daughter being sick with high, I told him to stay home and sleep, but that I was still going!

Date night with Me! Yay! I was actually completely happy with this! I haven't been by myself, in so long, I can't even remember! So, I continued with my plans, dropped off the kids, and went downtown. So strange to be in the car alone! I cranked up the radio and even the traffic didn't bother me! Unfortunately I was out of time to eat by the time I got down there and bought my tickets, but I did find an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. He was out with the boys, and with absolutely no shame, I messed up that equation and sat with them and even had the audacity to steal their popcorn. I was ravenous!

It was great fun! I enjoyed both films that were shown and I even got a hug from the director, Phillips Patton! I was surprised he recognized me as I hadn't seen him in years. He was good friends with my brother growing up and I remember making stop motion animation and other short films with him when we were kids with his big black and white camera. Even if I hadn't found friends to sit with, I would have had a marvelous evening feeling like a teenager, without a care in the world, and a bit of a movie star, since I was even invited to sit in Phil's "friends" row and to sushi afterward! I was more than a little sad to run off right after the movie instead of joining them all to celebrate, but I had to relieve the grandparents and get my kids off to bed. They are the true joys of my life, so I didn't mind at all. I chose this motherhood thing after all.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I could use some fun in my life, so I hope something similar comes along. Thanks for sharing. You deserved a night out because you are always the one helping others.
    Love you. Mom


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