Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Too Cute for Cotton! Fun Easy Easter or Spring Baby Chicks Craft

A super cute and easy craft just in time for Easter, or just a fun spring decoration! And for almost no cost!

My son had a blast making these cute fluffy baby chicks with some cotton pom poms. Just glue two together, cut out a few tiny paper triangles and glue them on for the beaks and feet. They were adorable just like that, but who can resist google eyes!

He made one and decided we needed one for each member of the family! We used large cotton balls from the drug store for the larger ones and tiny colored pom poms, from a craft store.

Can you guess which one he is? His favorite color is still green! We shredded some green construction paper and filled a strawberry basket to make a comfy nest for these little chickies. It's now the Easter centerpiece of our family table.


Please share your thoughts. I'm eager to know! I read and appreciate every single one.

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