Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Cats Sleep in the Weirdest Places!

Two fat cats, trying to curl up on one dining chair. Barely successful.
One very early morning, I awoke to the sound of crashing, like bottles being thrown on the floor. I look up from my bed to see things flying out of the cupboard under the sink in my bathroom, with no sign of anyone around! Poltergeist?! Or crazy cat who had a grudge against some unfortunate toiletries that happened to be in the way of where he decided was a good spot to sleep?!

I did not go get my camera at this early hour, but threw the cat out and crawled back into bed. However I do have some interesting pics of other places my furry kids have curled up. They do not have one spot they like to sleep. I find Rocco and Rascal (though Rascal would be a fitting name for both!) all over in the strangest places!  I've had many cats in my family over my life, but these are truly two of the most curious troublemakers I've ever met!

you don't even fit...

Much to his dismay, inside or on top of my husband's lunch box on the kitchen counter was a special favorite for a while. And the cats took turns.

Is the art easel really comfortable?
In the stroller

Under the stroller (they're both in there)
This is for babies only. Human babies.

In the tomato plant

under the pool and on top of the sandbox
In the doll cradle

Squished in one kid sized chair. You would think there is no adult size chair right next to it! (which there is)

Fine to be on the headboard except when my head is below it and you jump on and off of all night!!!

Does he expect me to feed him with the kids at their table?

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  1. My husband would freak if he found a cat in his lunchbox. This is hilarious. I've got to share this post because, as a dog owner, I had no idea that cats did this kind of stuff.


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