Friday, November 18, 2011

I will be selling at these Holiday Craft Fairs!

Come visit me and see my wreaths, stockings, and other crafts at these craft fairs in Santa Cruz-

I will be at the
Monarch Craft Fair
at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz, CA
Sat, Dec 3rd from 11am-4pm.

Admission is FREE to event visitors!

Procedes from this fair benefit public alternative education and your local artisans!

And I will be at this fair as well:

Holiday Art & Craft Faire

Saturday, December 10, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 4:00p.m.   

Admission is FREE to event visitors!

A wide variety of high-quality, handmade art and crafts will be showcased at the 5th annual Holiday Art and Craft Faire! Shoppers will find one-of-a-kind items created by local Santa Cruz County artists, including jewelry, hand-made bags and wallets, textiles (knitted items, quilts, clothing), ornaments, chocolates, soaps, wreaths, mosaics, and much more!
Details at

Making Holiday Wreaths

I've been working on making holiday wreaths for some upcoming craft fairs (details to come). These wreath's are so simple to make I thought I'd share them with you. I found some wicker wreaths at Goodwill and removed the old decorations some of them had. As you can see, I had some help! Then wrapped them with pretty ribbon and hot glued some new decorations on them. I like simplicity, so just used a few decorations for each one. The pine cones I took out of a potpourri bag and smell like cinnamon! These are a few I've finished. There will be lots more to choose from at the fairs!

I also made some eucalyptus table wreaths. These required wire and florist tape and are a lot more work, but are so beautiful and smell fabulous! The branches themselves were so gorgeous, again, I did not add much to them.

Rio Bird Costume, Little Bo Peep, and her Darling Sheep!

I'm a little behind, but here are some pics of costumes I made for Halloween-

This feathery dress, complete with wings, to resemble the girl bird in the Disney movie 'Rio'. I just safety pinned all the boas to a blue dress I made. And the hat was made by hot gluing feathers to a beanie ( I love hot glue!) & bending some black tag board into the shape of a beak. That was the hardest part, I had to glue it and staple it to the hat to make sure it stayed put! My client loved it, especially her 6 year old son!

And my own kids went as Little Bo Peep and her sheep. My son was supposed to be Spider-man until he saw his sister's outfit, and then wanted to be a sheep! 

For Bo-Peep, I just put a tutu under a dress I found at Goodwill and hot glued ribbons and lace onto a straw hat I also found there.
For the sheep, I found a man's jacket that looked like fleece at a yard sale and cut the bottom and sleeves off and hemmed them. Then took in the sides to fit my little guy. (Sounds harder than it is, I just cut a bit off the sides & sewed a single seam from the bottom up to the armpit. I didn't finish any edges) Then I used some of the extra fabric I had removed to make a matching hat with black ears. I sewed a little black tale to the bottom of the back as well. Then he wore black pants & long sleeves underneath. Halloween night I even painted him a little black nose. They were so cute, they won a costume contest!

The sheep hat is a little more difficult, but not too hard. It didn't come out perfect, but looked great just the same! I cut a rectangle from the arm of the jacket I had removed & wrapped it around my son's head inside out. Pinned it to fit around with an extra inch for seam allowance. Then drew a line with chalk along the general arch of his head on the side facing me, again with extra for the seam. Along that line & while it was still on his head, and through his squirming & complaining by now, I pinned it together (from the front to the part wrapped around back of his head). Then took it off and pinned a small piece of black fabric for ears inside either side of the hat, facing the inside (so that when turned right side out, they'd stick out) and sewed along the line. Again, it wasn't perfect, I had to sew over part of the arch to make it more rounded, and the ears were slightly uneven, but it was the night before he needed to wear it so I was rushing, and he was thrilled with it just the same! If you would like more details or just details that actually make sense, feel free to contact me!
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving time of year!

It's the holiday season and, though I love warmer weather, it's my favorite because it's the season of giving! Some easy ways to give are with these charities close to my heart:

Shop for beautiful handmade jewelry, cards, & more at All items are made by human trafficing survivors and your purchase helps them make a living so they don't end up back in slavery. Go to to learn more.

Give canned or dry food to your local Food Bank and/or food pantry. There's food enough for all in this world, we just need to pass it down the table! Most local churches have drop off bins.

You have till Nov 21st (I believe) to fill a shoe box with small gifts & school supplies for a impoverished child through Use the zip code finder to locate a drop off near you. I know Twin Lakes Church in Aptos is collecting them this weekend.

Santa Cruz Family Homeless Shelter at 115 Coral St, needs socks, warm jackets, blankets, any warm clothing. Contact them 1st about donations so you can arrange a drop off.

Donate new pajamas to Project Pajamas. New PJ's Size 0-18years will go to kids in shelters, foster care, and transitional housing in need. Go to for more info.

Toys for Tots, donate or attend the Alice in Wonderland tea party benefit at Seacape Beach Resort on Dec 12. for details.

Oh, and with a mom group I'm part of, we've been making bags filled with snacks, a bottle of water & small hygene items to keep in your car to give out to homeless around town instead of giving cash when asked for help. It's a great way to give something when you don't have or want to give out money. It's easy to buy a few extra things at the dollar store or give up a few granola bars from your Costco box and means so much!
There are tons more easy and affordable ways you can give a little back this season. The Santa Cruz Sentinal is making a list called holiday helping hands:
or you can contact me for some more ideas. Happy Sharing!
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