Monday, October 17, 2011

Renaissance Faire Costumes

After a much longer sabbatical than expected, taking care of family, I'm finally back in action! I made Ren Faire Costumes for my family and they came out SO great, I will be making more & putting them on Etsy!

Yes, my Etsy shop should be up and running again before the day is out! I know you're overcome with excitement, so take a moment to climb back up into your chair and calm yourself...... Ok, I'll have Christmas stuff and some more of these fabulous renaissance hats!

Here is a pic of our costumes-
With upcycled materials, I made the dresses and overlays (not sure what they're actually called). I modified the vests which I had found at thrift stores.

I made the floppy velvet hats, super easy actually! Just looked it up online and came across this site:
I didn't follow the directions perfectly, just used the general idea, but the hats came out great!

I made the baby bonnet from a corner of a fitted sheet & just gathered the fabric until it looked somewhat like a muffin hat! Stitched it underneath, then added the brim; fabric over a piece of manilla folder to keep it ridged & sewed it on in one line across the front with a ribbon to keep it on her & add some color. It may not be exactly true to period, but I didn't want the sun in her eyes! 

We had so much fun at the Ren Faire ( and I received lots of positive comments on our costumes, especially the kids! I must admit they were both ADORABLE! They got oooh's & aaaah's all day long!

It's never too early to start on next year's costume, so let me know if you're in need of accessories, or a whole outfit! I will be on the lookout for shoes to go with my costume next year, so I don't have to wear my regular tennis shoes again!
Oh and the best part of the Faire, the Black Cherry Cider! Mmm!
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