Friday, May 27, 2011


I started an experiment about two weeks ago and so far it's working out great! This summer I am going to try (somewhat) extreme couponing. I'm not going to get too crazy about it and buy a million shampoos and stock my house floor to ceiling! I just want to see if I really can save money and on items I use, not junk food.

I've already saved a bunch of money and I've only just started! You can see my successes, failures, and how I'm doing it, or just follow my journey at

Goodbye Beloved Green Shirt

It was a big day yesterday for us! I gave my son plenty of warning over the past week or so that soon his favorite green shirt would be too small and he would have to find a new favorite. In the morning I held his arm out and showed him how his arm had grown! His shirt didn't go to the end of it. I then pointed out the stains that I couldn't wash out and told him he could wear the shirt all day, but at the end of the day it was time to say goodbye to it. He took it extremely well and just said "ok."

I hadn't planned on buying him a new shirt to replace it, but we were out later shopping for his sister's first birthday present (*sniffle* It went by too fast!) and he found some green shirts. They were cute and a good price, so I bought him two different ones. He couldn't wait to wear them! It was no problem saying goodbye to the shirt that night and he was proud to tell his daddy how he had grown, and to show off his new clothes! Phew, I was prepared for the worst and it was too easy! I don't think it would have been a problem even without the new shirts.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a Spring!

Well it went from freezing, to rainy, to super hot! What a spring! But I'm loving it! I've always been a sun lover. My kids and I have been outside as much as possible. We planted our garden, took swim lessons the last two months at Simpkins Swim Center, which is awesome! My son improved so much! And I got to swim with the baby while my son was in his lessons. (Love the warm water pool!) Then we'd swim an extra half hour after lessons, & then picnic with friends at the end.
We've been at the park or beach, or hiking at Nisene Marks State Park or Swan Lake Park (just behind Simpkins there's a short easy trail, perfect for the kids). We even went camping twice up at Big Basin State Park, SO beautiful!

I didn't know this, but they have a museum there with great displays all about the forest plants, trees, soil, animals, insects, everything! My son loved it! I will be taking him back again and again as he grows because he'll learn something new each time. They also had a history of the park, the loggers, and original campers. My husband especially loved that. They have a handicap accessible, easy walk with markers showing you certain points of interest, trees, the biggest & tallest redwoods, etc. It was wonderful!

Yesterday we went on a field trip with a bunch of other kids to Pacific Crest Apiaries,, in Watsonville. Dana, the owner is really nice and gave us a tour.  We learned all about bees, how honey is made, and got to see the process close up! She had displays set up, pamphlets to take home with great info & photos... it was awesome! And such a beautiful place!
We had a picnic in the sunshine & explored the gift shop. They have wonderful smelling beeswax candles. But our favorite part was tasting the different honey flavors. We bought a jar of Wildflower honey and a handful of different flavored honey sticks. My sons eyes popped out of his head when he saw all the flavors! He loves honey sticks & we never knew they had strawberry, raspberry, or sour cherry flavor! And the honey suckers are to die for!! They didn't make it home. Yum!

Since yesterday, my son is pretending to be a bee. He's wearing a yellow pajama top and black sweats. It's nice to see him in a color other than green!

So busy outdoors, trying to find a house for my mom to move back to Santa Cruz (woohoo!), taking care of other kids, etc, I have completely taken a break from business. So nothing new there to report. Now that swim lessons & other activities we're involved in are ending, I should be able to get some new things made soon. I'll let you know!

I hope you all had a fun Easter, we did! We saw the Easter Bunny for free at Woodworm Party Store. And I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day! We Mommy's deserve to be honored and pampered! We work hard! Even when we're playing!
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