Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold! And How to Teach a Preschooler to Give?

It's not supposed to be this cold on the California coast! It even snowed the other day! I was enjoying the 80 degree weather at the beach just 2 months ago and now I'm bundled up in layers! And so much for the bunnies I kept saying I was going to make. I did get two done, but since my kids have been passing the same cold back and forth and they don't sleep well when they can't breathe, I am much sleep deprived and have not done a single stitch in weeks!

But on a much happier note, we're flying up to Oregon (though it will be even colder) to see my mom and sisters this weekend! Woohoo! Just me and the kids. I can't wait! I hope we're all well for the trip.

Before I go, I'm selling a bunch of baby stuff we no longer need at a huge sale this Thurs-Sun March 4-6. Go to for all the details. I get to drop off my stuff to be sold, don't even have to work the sale, and get 70% of the proceeds!

My kids have way too much stuff! I've been trying to get rid of it, for one, I'm in a very small space, but mainly because the more stuff they have, the less they appreciate it. Also they seem overwhelmed as to what to play with when too much is out. I rotate what toys we have downstairs, where we play, which helps a lot!

I've been trying to find ways of giving with my son so he can be a generous person and know there are people in need and that he can help them. We donate old toys and clothes often. Last week we went to the dollar store and bought bubbles, coloring books, and crayons, to send with a local missionary trip to kids in Haiti. We looked at photos online of kids there and what he really wanted to send them was water and food and build them houses! I had to explain that there are people helping them with those things and this is what we can send for now!

We also bought toothbrushes for homeless people for Project Homeless Connect at the Santa Cruz Civic this March 22nd All this is great, but I would really love for him to actually be able to give in person as opposed to mailing and dropping things off. Anyone have any ideas on where would be good to volunteer with a 4 year old as well as have my baby with me? Or should I wait till she's older?
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