Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Must Have Green Shirt at All Times

My little girl is all better, but then my son came down with a cold. Seems to be feeling better today, though. Hopefully I can get back to normal life now!

My son is obsessed with a green shirt he got for Christmas (as seen in all pics of him from previous posts). It's just a plain, olive green, long sleeve shirt. It's almost too small and he wears it every single day! If it's dirty he'll wait for the dryer to be done and keep asking me, "Is it done yet?" "Is it done yet?" As soon as it comes out, off with whatever he was wearing temporarily, if anything, and back on with the green shirt!

Right now it happens to be in the laundry basket and I am not doing laundry today. So, he has yet to pick out a shirt to wear. He's wanding around in his underwear as if at a loss of what to do! He's not happy that I won't wash it immediately!

He's always been into plain shirts. Do you know how hard it is to find a preschooler a shirt with nothing on it? No characters or cartoons? He gets so excited when he sees one, "Mom, look! There's nothing on it!" He wants to be just like Mom and Dad, I guess, since we pretty much always wear solid color shirts. Before the green shirt, it was a plain white one (that was fun to keep clean!). We ended up with about three or four we would rotate, but this green one is like no other. Wonder what will be the next favorite?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can't remember what sleep is? Let alone which shoe goes on what foot!

I'm so tired I can't think straight. I almost put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard this morning! I keep going upstairs to get something and can't remember why I'm up there. So I come down, eventually to remember, go back up, and forget all over again! At least I'm getting lots of exercise!

The worst was yesterday evening, I dropped my son off at his kids club, parking the stroller, with baby in it, next to me while I signed him in. Then I walked away without her! Luckily I remembered her before completely walking outside! I couldn't believe myself! And I prayed that no one had noticed what a horrible horrible mother I am!!

My baby girl  may have an ear infection. She's been crying all night for four days! I think she's constipated. That's all I thought the issue was until I took her to the doc today. She's still getting used to solid foods & is so sensitive! Plus, she had a diaper rash and just came down with a cold on top of that! Poor girl! She has a runny nose, can't breathe, and now it's hard to nurse and suck her thumb! She's not too happy right now. At least she's sleeping for the moment.

This week is completely shot as far as getting any work done. My table is still covered with fabric and other supplies to make Easter bunnies, but has not been touched all week, except for pushing aside to make room to eat!

I don't foresee anything getting done tomorrow, either. I'm not even going to try. I'd probably end up sewing a bunny inside out or with his head on the wrong end or something!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sensitive Kids and Little Sleep OR Gripe Water Works Miracles!

Why is it that when you especially need a good night sleep, the kids are up all night?! I was up too late all weekend and felt exhausted last night. My kids went down pretty easily, so I was happily settling into my pillows and blankets, and curling up with a good book. I just wanted to read a chapter then get some much needed shut eye. My husband was in the shower and then was going to straight to bed as well. He gets up extremely early, so I try not to let the kids bother him at night. Anyway, my son got up again and again, every few minutes asking for this and that and anything he could think of! I kept sending him back to bed and finally, about an hour later, he decided to stay in bed. Then my daughter woke up!

I changed her and she screamed, she hates being changed anyway, but right now she has a bad diaper rash. Yesterday I let her crawl around naked, I keep putting cream on it, and then before bed I gave her a baking soda bath. But she keeps pooping every diaper, so it can't get a chance to heal! She has really sensitive skin. She's in cloth diapers because she's allergic to regular ones (as well as for all the good environmental reasons). I then nursed her, but she kept crying and crying like she was in pain! I took her downstairs so my husband could sleep, though he did ask if he could help, and searched for her tummy drops.

I give her what is basically gripe water (chamomile, fennel, ginger, & a few other ingredients, depending on the brand), I stopped buying it because we go through it so quickly and it's expensive, but I found I can make my own with children's digestive aid dietary supplement drops. It lasts much longer and seems to work even better. Though now, I skip putting it in water and just give her some drops straight. She likes the taste! I had always put in water for my son. when he was a toddler he drank his "tea" every night before bed.

As well as sensitive skin, my kids both have sensitive stomachs! My son was cholicy and cried for the first 5 months (it seemed)! It wasn't until 6 months I discovered gripe water and it worked miracles! Changing my whole diet, as I was nursing, helped a lot, but gripe water works immediately for the tummy pain.

Anyway, last night I gave her the drops, she finally let out some gas and went to sleep. I did finish my chapter and finally get to sleep, but she was up again four more times! So please excuse my rambling! I am still very tired! I hope I made some sort of point in this post!

No Bunny Pics Yet

I know I said I'd post pictures of the stuffed animal bunnies I'm making. I've only completed two! But I haven't had time to take pics yet. There's no good lighting in my house! So it takes some extra planning for me to get a decent pic. I'm hoping to get at least one more made today and if the sun is still shining, I'll take them outside for a photo shoot.
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