Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby's First Sandcastle

This is from our afternoon at the beach yesterday. My baby girl checking out her first sandcastle! Made courtesy of her daddy. She very gently felt the top of it & slowly demolished it. I was suprised she didn't try to eat the sand. My son made her a second one so she wouldn't be without. He's such a good big brother! He really takes care of his sis!

The sheet, behind her, was where I tried to get her to play, but she, like her mommy, loved the feel of the sand between her toes & got mad whenever I pulled her back! I find a sheet works better than a towel, it's bigger, for one, and sand doesn't stick to it.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cuddly Bunnies & Sandy Toes

I've been trying to decide what to make next to sell on my Etsy store...more baby hats? A few scarves, that season is almost past... well at least it is here, where it was sunny enough to go to the beach and get my toes all sandy today! I finally decided stuffed bunnies would be good since Easter is coming up. So, I'm working on some soft cuddly bunny rabbits! I'll post a picture as soon as I have one done.

This afternoon I took the kids (and my hubby even got to come too!) to the beach. It was sunny, not super warm, but warm enough to take our shoes off. I took a million pics of my kids cute little toes so I can make a banner for this blog & one for my Etsy store. It was too bright to see the screen on my camera, so I hope at least one came out good! I'm not a great photographer.

We had a blast running around and chasing seagulls. We played tag and I just LOVE hearing my kids laugh together! I was chasing my son with the baby in my arms, holding her out like she was gonna get him! They were both cracking up! And so were my husband and I. Their laughs are very contagious! It was only an hour, but it was perfect. Can't ask for better moments than these.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Toss or Not to Toss? What to do with a Ripped Poster

My son ripped the corner of a poster that was on his wall in his Mickey Mouse themed bedroom while jumping on the bed, which he's not supposed to be doing! But instead of throwing it out, I had the idea to modpodge it onto a blank canvas.

With my son's help, we centered the part we wanted to see on the canvas and cut around it wide enough to be able to fold over the edges to the back. We then removed the poster, and painted the blank canvas with the modpodge, stuck the poster onto it, and smoothed it down. Then  turned it over and folded the edges over to tape them to the back with packing tape.

Last we painted a thin layer of modpodge over the top of the poster to give it texture, so when it's dry it looks more like a painting. My son was very proud of it and it looks even better than before in his room!

New Old Rocking Chair

My rocking chair squeaked so loudly it kept everyone awake, which defeats the whole purpose! But the other day I found a lonely one sitting outside a neighbor's house waiting for some TLC. Thank you generous neighbors! I LOVE freebies! I adopted it & freecycled my old one (if you're not familiar, is an awesome Yahoo group where you can give & receive old items for free in your community so they don't end up in the dump) not before swapping my nice cushions I had made for the previous chair. They're not an exact fit, but I can fix that later. However the footstool was atrocious, so had to be fixed right away.

Luckily I had some fabric left over from when I had made cushions for my old squeaky chair. With the help of my favorite apprentice, my son, we covered it in no time! Just cut the fabric to fit, folded it over, & stapled it with a staple gun to the underside.
Wallah! A beautiful footstool to match. Now if only we can get rid of the squeak in this new chair... At least it's not nearly as bad!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diapers before coffee

I'm not a morning person and this morning I was SO not awake yet, but my baby girl was up & soaked through her jammies so I stripped her down on the changing table, used the last wipe & discovered I had no more diapers in there. Set her naked in her crib to go get some. When I came back, she had peed all over her crib, not missing her lovey, blankie, & even the bumper. Damn, I had no more wipes nearby so wiped her down with a cloth diaper, put another on her. She instantly peed in it. I changed her again & set her on the floor while I stripped her bed. When I stepped over to it, I stepped in a puddle! What the? I guess she had peed so that it went down the side of her mattress & dripped to the floor! Wiped that up with a cloth diaper, stripped the crib & wiped down the mattress, under it, & all the bars that were dripping, picked up my girl to get her dressed. Guess what?! She was wet again. Luckily I had one more clean diaper! She was sick of being changed & fighting to get away from me with all her strength, My 4 year old son was whining that he was starving... Can I go back to bed now?

Friday, January 21, 2011

figuring it out

I'm new to this whole blog thing and am trying to figure it out. Another new thing I don't have time for, but I love to write and journal and I've been feeling so deprived since I never get around to it. I'm hoping this will be a good outlet and incentive to keep it up. My 7 month old baby girl is crawling up my leg complaining! Posts will be short!
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